With changes announced by the government in Bill 41, it is now more convenient for drivers to get their vehicle repaired or replaced after an accident. Prior to the changes, a driver whose vehicle was damaged in a collision would need to work with the at-fault driver’s insurer to coordinate repairs or the replacement of their vehicle. Now, drivers can seamlessly work with their own insurer on all claims and repairs.

What’s next for the Insurance Industry in Alberta?

Insurance Bureau of Canada and the insurance industry is committed to continuing to work with the government and other stakeholders on further improving our Alberta’s auto insurance system. Bill 41 is a great step forward, but as efforts continue in working to stabilize premiums and maintain affordable options for consumers, the insurance industry believes bringing a hybrid insurance system to Alberta is a long term solution for bringing a stable insurance system to the province.   A hybrid system, that provides choice and control in what kind of policy consumers want, along with increased levels of care is the best way to go for Albertans.