Alberta Auto Insurance Facts

Alberta’s government recently introduced legislation that’s intended to improve auto insurance for Alberta’s 3 million drivers. 

Changes to Alberta’s auto insurance system are designed to reduce red tape, increase medical care, expand options for drivers, and stabilize costs.

These changes include enhancing treatment and care for accident victims, putting in necessary cost controls and allowing consumers access to innovative and flexible product options such as Usage Based Insurance. Learn more about these changes and others here.

Alberta Auto Insurance Facts was created by Insurance Bureau of Canada – the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto and business insurers – to help drivers better understand Alberta’s auto insurance market and learn about changes that can improve the system.

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Improved Affordability and Care

Alberta’s auto insurance system has not been working for Alberta’s 3 million drivers. In these challenging economic times, Albertans need affordable auto insurance they can count on. The recent changes introduced by the Government of Alberta are intended to stabilize premiums and improve medical care for Albertans injured in collisions by increasing the amount of coverage available to accident victims with minor injury and increasing benefits available to accident victims with serious or catastrophic injuries. Learn more about the government’s changes to auto insurance here.

Alberta Auto Insurance Facts
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How Are Insurance
Premiums Calculated?

Have you ever wondered how your auto insurance premium is calculated? Here are a few of the factors insurance companies look at when determining your rates.

Alberta’s Insurance Industry is
Here to Help

The Alberta insurance industry is local and essential, and composed of members of your community who are there to support you when you need it most.

Alberta’s Insurance Industry is
Local & Essential

The insurance industry in Alberta is composed of people who care about helping their neighbours and making a difference for those in need.

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