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Executive Summary – 

Alberta’s auto insurance system no longer works for the 3 million drivers that count on it.

Alberta drivers currently must contend with a system that focuses on cash settlements rather than ample medical care to help collision victims recover.

They also have insufficient product choice or ability to control their premiums. Insurers in the province must navigate a difficult regulatory environment. To top it off, problems with the current auto insurance system have caused claims costs to skyrocket for several years, leading to increased premiums.

Drivers are demanding change and more value for their dollars. They want a better insurance experience, more choice and affordable premiums. In fact, 93% of Albertans said they believe the auto insurance system can be improved, 92% said they want options to manage their own premiums, and 79% said they should have the choice to purchase different levels of care and treatment to recover from a collision.1 Driving Change provides a blueprint to give drivers affordable, sustainable auto insurance that provides them with more product choice and more care when they need it.

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